Getting Started with Harmony Pediatric Therapy

The Therapy Process

In order to provide the highest quality treatment, Harmony Pediatric Therapy has created this process:

  • Initial Inquiry
  • Initial Intake
  • Evaluation
  • Conference
  • Therapy

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What to Expect on your First Visit

We recognize that the process of beginning a therapy program can be overwhelming. We strive to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and your child. On your first visit, we will greet you in our comfortable, welcoming waiting area and will introduce you to our facility and our staff. We will provide you and your child with a tour of our treatment areas and offer an explanation of how the assessment will proceed. Assessments are typically conducted over the course of two 60-minute sessions. The therapist will spend approximately 45 to 50 minutes with your child to begin the assessment. At the end of the session, the remaining time will be spent with the parent to briefly discuss our preliminary observations and to review with you our office policies. The assessment will be completed during your second visit and will be followed by a family meeting to review our observations and assessment scores, to discuss potential treatment goals and strategies and to establish a treatment program, if applicable.

Documents to Download

During the initial inquiry and intake with our therapists, we will be gathering information relevant to your child’s growth and development. Learning background information about your child, their current day to day needs and the behaviors and/or symptoms you are observing can help us to guide you in the need for an occupational therapy evaluation, prioritize the assessment sessions and target areas of greatest need more specifically. Some of this information will be obtained via parental report on documents used within our facility. Please click on the following links to access documents if requested during the initial intake.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

In order to ensure maximum reimbursement when working with any service provider, it is critical that you understand the full scope of your insurance coverage. Most families receive significant reimbursement from their insurance carriers when they follow the necessary procedural steps to access their coverage. We suggest you contact your insurance carrier directly and ask them to provide you with your summary plan description, as well as your schedule of benefits. These documents will enable you to answer most of the following important coverage questions.

  • What is your coverage for occupational therapy services?
  • What is your deductible? How much of this deductible have you already satisfied this calendar year?
  • What is the percentage of reimbursement you will receive for services performed by an out-of-network provider?
  • What occupational therapy diagnostic codes and procedure codes are covered?
  • What occupational therapy diagnostic codes, procedure codes and services are excluded from coverage?
  • Is there a limit to how many visits will be covered? If so, is this per calendar year or per diagnosis?
  • If there is a limit to the number of visits allowed per calendar year or per diagnosis, is that a hard limit, or will additional visits be covered if medical necessity is established?
  • Is preauthorization required before coverage is provided? If so, what documentation is required to secure preauthorization (i.e., do they require a physician’s prescription, the completion of a preauthorization form, a letter from the therapist following evaluation, etc.) and where must this documentation be forwarded (i.e., is there a preauthorization department to which this documentation may be faxed to expedite consideration)?