Our Therapy Process

In order to provide the highest quality treatment, Harmony Pediatric Therapy has created this process:

Initial Inquiry When you e-mail or call Harmony Pediatric Therapy, you will be contacted to set up an initial intake that will occur over the phone.
Initial Intake An occupational therapist will contact you to discuss your concerns and give you the opportunity to decide if an evaluation is appropriate.
Evaluation Depending on the needs of each child, we will assess all or part of the following areas: Sensory processing and integration, gross and fine motor skills, praxis and motor planning, coordination (eye-hand and whole body), visual perceptual and visual motor development, handwriting and postural skills.
Conference Within two weeks after your initial evaluation date, you will meet with the evaluating therapist(s) and have the opportunity to review the results listed in the report and be given the opportunity to ask questions regarding your child’s results. Recommendations for therapy and/ or related professional services will be made. If therapy is recommended for your child, a collaborative treatment plan with your input will be created and you will be provided with suggestions for assisting your child at home and at school.
Therapy Harmony Pediatric Therapy provides individual services in a one-on-one child/therapist environment, which allows for each child’s unique needs to be met. Parental consultative services are always available.