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Current research is showing epidemic proportions of childhood disorders, including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and learning disabilities. Allow us the opportunity to help you and your family as we introduce to you a contributing cause of these disorders and what you can do today to make this simple but necessary change.

We introduce the use of Sensory Diets to provide regular, consistent and appropriate types and degrees of input to the central nervous system to assist with sensory processing and regulation. We all know what picky eaters kids can be! With that in mind, it is essential for us to be aware of what our children do and do not eat so we can ensure adequate nutrition. In just the same way that our bodies need certain minerals and nutrients to support healthy growth and development, so does our brain.

Two of the most critical elements for brain development and brain health are Omega-3s and phospholipids. Our brain is nurtured by these essential fatty acids which can only be found in food; they are not manufactured naturally by our bodies. We need to consume these fatty acids in our diet, with most professionals recommending 15 grams or more a day! Omega-3s are essential in reducing inflammation, improving the connections between neurons and conditioning the pathways that carry messages through our brain. If we are unable to receive and process information efficiently, our output cannot be coordinated and automatic. In other words, it makes it very difficult to perform our daily activities with confidence and ease.

In addition to brain health, Omega-3s are also strongly related to heart health, weight management, mood disorders, memory, inflammation, diabetes and more. With one single nutritional component being related to so many aspects of health and well-being, it is essential to ensure an adequate amount of Omega-3s in our system. With 3,000 mg of omega-3s per serving, Mila, a proprietary blend of Chia seed, is the highest and safest blend of omega-3s available. Just two tablespoons of Mila a day provides the daily recommended amount of omega-3s. This product also has the highest and safest combination of protein, antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients than any other source available. Mila is a gluten-free, trans-fat free and sugar free, is high in fiber and protein, and has not taste or smell. Its biological properties are not diminished by heat during cooking; it is a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and is pesticide-free.

Why Mila?
The Gram for Gram Comparison

Mila gram per gram comparison

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