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Articles of Interest: Winter 2012-13

Coordination and Motor Skill Development

Looking for fun activities that will help your child’s coordination and motor skill development over the winter months? Check out this article for some great suggestions on how to bring movement play indoors on the cold winter days. Read Article »

Touch Sensitivity

Children struggling with touch sensitivity, also referred to as tactile defensiveness, often find the winter months to be particularly challenging because of the extra layers and more restrictive clothing options they are faced with. One Mom who was looking for advice on how to help her daughter who deals with extreme tactile defensiveness, got some useful tips at sensory-processing-disorder.com

Sensory Processing Disorder – Toys and Activities

As pediatric occupational therapists, our office is stocked with lots of great toys, crafts and activities, which are the tools we use daily in assisting children with Sensory Processing Disorder. We liked the toy and activity recommendations included in these two articles. If you are looking for a holiday or birthday gift for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, check out these articles for some great ideas. Gifts for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder: Paints to Trampolines and Gift ideas for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder