About Harmony Pediatric Therapy


Mission Statement

At Harmony Pediatric Therapy, it is our mission to align the child with their fullest potential, impacting the way they see themselves, their challenges and the world into which they are integrating.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide children with an environment that fosters the harmonious development of the whole child, both therapeutically and within their daily life. Through the application of innovative therapeutic techniques the child is enabled to feel successful socially, emotionally, physically and developmentally, affording them the ability to have fun and ease in school and at play. Through aligning all areas of development we are enabling each child to be happy, successful individuals with promising futures.

We believe it is imperative when working with a child to look at a child as a whole. We acknowledge that the child is part of a family dynamic and that this dynamic is a valuable asset. It is our goal to assist the child as well as their family by providing the tools necessary to maximize their strengths and to overcome their challenges. We use a family centered approach to integrate family into the child’s therapeutic program to facilitate carryover of treatment program and to maximize progress to encourage well-being and quality of life within the family unit.