Occupational Therapy FAQ's: 0-3 Years Old

How do I know if my 0-3 year old child needs occupational therapy services?

Please print out this list and check off any of the areas that are applicable to your child. If you check 3 or more problems, occupational therapy services may be warranted. Please contact Harmony Pediatric Therapy and a therapist will get back to you.

 Muscle tone seems poor/ flaccid

 When child is picked up they don’t brace themselves, feels like dead weight

 Difficulty consoling self, unusually fussy

 Unable to bring hands together and bang toys

 Slow to roll over, creep, sit or stand

 Does not want to explore environment

 Difficulty babbling

 Cries or becomes tense when moved through space (like airplane)

 Frequent fisting of hands after 6 months of age

 Dislikes baths or waterplay

 Does not choose age appropriate toys

 Resists being held, is squirmy when cuddled too long, does not settle with touch

 Sucking difficulties

 Overly active, seeks excessive movement

 Unable to settle down, sleep difficulties

 Anxious or cries if child cannot see parent