Occupational Therapy FAQ's: 6-15 Years Old

How do I know if my 6-15 year old child needs occupational therapy services?

Please print out this list and check off any of the areas that are applicable to your child. If you check 3 or more problems, occupational therapy services may be warranted. Please contact Harmony Pediatric Therapy and a therapist will get back to you.

 Clumsy, falls frequently, seems to trip over their own feet

 Muscle tone seems poor/flaccid

 Seems weaker or has decreased endurance than peers

 Avoids playground activities

 Avoids or has difficulty with hopping, skipping, running, etc. as compared to peers

 Resists groups activity; watches others but does not participate

 Appears to forget activities previously able to perform; has difficulty imitating an example

 Has difficulty coordinating two sides of their body to work together on tasks

 Has poor posture, often slouches or leans into things for support

 When child is picked up they don’t brace themselves, feels like dead weight

 Breaks crayons, pencil points, toys easily

 Avoids fine motor activity

 Does not demonstrate a consistently dominant hand

 Writing or drawing is too light or dark, too large or small

 Difficulty holding a pencil; has a loose, tight or awkward grasp; complains of hand fatigue

 Dislikes bathing, haircuts, nail trimming and cuddling

 Withdraws from touch or seems to crave touching items

 Dislikes or has difficulty being close to others or in crowded environments

 Difficulty understanding personal space and boundaries

 Overly active, unable to slow down, moves quickly from one toy to another

 Fearful of being off the ground


 Difficulty focusing attention, or over-focused and unable to shift attention

 Unable to settle down, sleep difficulties

 Distractible, has difficulty paying attention

 Difficulty completing tasks in an appropriate amount of time

 Difficulty understanding rules or desired goals of an activity

 Poor organizational and time management skills

 Has difficulty copying from textbooks, blackboard, etc

 Loses place when reading or skips words

 Difficulty writing letters or numbers, shows reversals of letters or numbers

 Easily tantrums, does not recover within a few minutes

 Frequently says “I can’t do it” to age appropriate self-care & play tasks

 Difficulty integrating into social situations or understanding social cues

 Has few friends or few friends of same age and/or gender

 Has difficulty adjusting to changes in routines

 Is easily frustrated, upset, or becomes agitated with others

 Difficulty with age-appropriate self-care skills, such as dressing or grooming