“HPT meets the needs of multiple aged children and various sensory, gross and fine motor issues. The therapists are accommodating and flexible.” —Local healthcare provider

“The therapists are outstanding. They go the extra mile to explain the needs of each individual child to the parents in a professional, easy to understand way. They are very knowledgeable and skilled. I appreciate the updates and weekly explanations regarding my children’s treatment.” —Local healthcare provider

“Our son’s therapist intuitively knows where our son will need reinforcement, be it at school or in athletics, and works with us in advance to spearhead any problems before they occur.” —Parents of an eight year old boy

“I feel that the therapists are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely caring. The therapists continually offer ideas to implement therapy at home.” —Parents of a four year old boy

“[Our son] is more coordinated and open/ willing to try new things. We think he has made huge strides.” —Parents of a four year old boy

“The reasons we sought help for our daughter have been addressed, as well as other areas we were not aware of. She has made very good progress on all fronts and continues to do so at each session.” —Parents of a nine year old girl

“The waiting room is beautifully designed to make your wait very relaxing. It is also accommodating to waiting siblings of all ages. The treatment rooms are very inviting and child-friendly. I am very pleased with the clean, well thought out environment at Harmony.” —Mother of a seven year old girl