Individual Sessions

After assessing a child to identify their individual needs, the therapist will work with the parents and child to develop goals and a treatment plan. Services are provided on a one-to-one basis, where one therapist works with one child in a treatment area. This allows the environment and task to be adapted to the child’s specific needs to maximize their ability to achieve progress.

HPT’s Individual & Group Handwriting and Keyboarding Sessions

Click here for more information about our Individual & Group handwriting and keyboarding sessions—now incorporating creative writing techniques, with the use of graphic organizers & writing prompts, into our higher level print and cursive sessions.

New School Skills Sessions

Our School Skills sessions were developed in response to the growing need to address preparedness for academic environments. Exposure to a new academic environment requires that children are capable of managing not only the academic expectations, but that they are also able to tolerate the length of a school day, manage and organize their belongings, utilize classroom tools effectively and engage in the social elements of the school setting appropriately. Having these necessary foundational skilled enables children to be active and engaged participants in their academic environments, allows learning and school to be a pleasant experience and allows students to gain the full benefit of the academic instruction. Click here to see our flyer for our School Skills Sessions.

New Special Themed Sessions

Harmony Pediatric Therapy’s NEW Special themed sessions that target social skills, executive functions, visual-perceptual skills and self-regulation; strategies to assist children with improved focus and attention. Click here to see our flyer.

Prerequisites include:

  • Referral from within HPT or an OT evaluation no more than 1 year old
  • If a current OT evaluation is not available, an evaluation of 1 hour can be performed to determine your child’s needs.
  • Completion of parent and teacher questionnaires
  • Group appropriateness to be determined by HPT therapists.