The Therapy Process

In order to provide the highest quality results, Harmony Pediatric Therapy has created the following Therapeutic Journey to support our clients and their families throughout every step of the way.

Step 1: Initial Inquiry / Intake Process: Call Us Today At (973) 507-9730 and press 1 to speak with one of our specialists and learn more about Harmony Pediatric Therapy’s services and let us support your concerns and questions while we complete a thorough intake process that sets your child on the right path.

Step 2: The Evaluation Process: The Harmony Pediatric Therapy journey begins with the process of creating a patient’s roadmap also known as a treatment plan. The treatment plan is generated through an in-depth evaluation process which includes three core visits:

  • Our Initial Evaluation: This visit is dedicated to utilizing standardized assessments to create a baseline understanding of any challenges that your child may be having but hard to recognize or quantify without appropriate assessment tools.
  • Our Observation Session: There are times when standardized assessments don’t deliver the entire picture of a child’s functional goals. Therefore, we utilize the clinical observation visit to cross reference the initial evaluation and ensure that all goals are identified appropriately as we begin to formulate the child’s treatment plan.
  • Our Family Meeting: the family meeting is truly the cornerstone of the evaluation process. At this meeting, our clinical evaluation team presents their findings, recommended treatment goals, and gets initial feedback from the family as we finalize the overall roadmap to success. Family meetings can range from 1-2 hours.

Upon completion of the evaluation process, the Harmony Pediatric Therapy evaluation team will write up a thorough evaluation that includes the recommended treatment plan, treatment goals, frequency and duration of treatment recommendations, and any additional findings that are essential to the therapeutic journey.

Step 3: The Therapeutic Intervention Process & Case Management: Our therapeutic intervention process is designed to achieve concrete goals that are established through our treatment plans. Through exploration, assessment, and intervention, our program is designed to exceed all your child’s goals and be a roadmap for his or her long-term success. Our treatment plans are typically designed around 3-month and 6-month goals; however, goals may be refined throughout the therapeutic journey. It is customary to have the following parent meetings throughout the process:

  • 3-Month Parent Consults: Every 3 months; Harmony Pediatric Therapy will coordinate a parent consult with the goal of reviewing progress being made within the treatment plan, solicit additional feedback from influencers in the child’s daily routine, and identifying new goals as appropriate.
  • 6-Month Re-Evaluation: Every 6 months, Harmony Pediatric Therapy will coordinate a standardized re-evaluation to show finite improvement and address any potential concerns through standardized assessments. Treatment plans will be updated and addressed at the time of the re-evaluations, and a parent consult is required.

Our Case Management approach is one of the distinguishing factors of our therapeutic process that enables us to create a unique clinical experience and exceptional outcomes. This approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Review and research of the educational, medical, and social/emotional history of the child
  • Identifying and maximizing functional family goals
  • Integrating and optimizing current supports in place
  • Collaborating with all professionals and influencers of the individual child
  • Evaluating, enhancing, and managing academic support
  • Implementing observation, modifications, adaptations, and tools across all natural environments
  • Initiating and monitoring home programs and parent resources

Step 4: The Discharge Process & Our Guarantee: Harmony Pediatric Therapy believes that an effective discharge process is essential to long-term success. Upon determination that your child has reached appropriate milestones, Harmony Pediatric Therapy will implement a Transitional Care Program to ensure that there is no regression. Our transitional care program will facilitate a reduction in the frequency of your child’s visits to eventually 1x per month for a period of two months to ensure there is no regression. At that time, Harmony Pediatric Therapy will complete the formal discharge process with a final onsite discharge consult which includes a formal re-evaluation, updated home program, and discharge note. Harmony Pediatric Therapy provides a “discharge guarantee.” Any child that completes the formal discharge process inclusive of transitional care program and onsite discharge consult will qualify for a complimentary re-evaluation should there be any regression within 6 months of the formal discharge.